Sacred Space is an incredible three day spiritual formation retreat. There are three different levels of Sacred Space experiences, each one building upon the next. While all of the retreats center around the same spiritual practices, each progressive level specializes and leads you towards self directed times of renewal.

Next Event: Sacred Space 2012 Level 1 & 2

When: August 24-26 (fri-Sun) 2012

Where: Mount Angel Abbey (St. Benedict OR) directions

What: 3 Day spiritual formation experience.

Cost: $249.00

Included: Private room with bath, instruction, meals, Sacred Space Book

To register, send an email to mary@svaonline.comor call 425 441-8364 ext. 101

Sacred Space Level 1

This is a life changing weekend where you will learn, experience and practice a journey of spiritual formation. We will enter into the daily rhythm of the monks at Mount Angel Abbey as well as have our own group times for learning, practice and instructions for the next adventure! This is a great opportunity to begin practicing silence and personal renewal in the midst of community. Some of the areas we will cover are:

sacred journey: learning to practice, accept and understand spiritual formation as a process and not a destination. As we find ourselves on a journey of discovery, we soon find out that asking the right questions unlocks the deeper life. These questions help us identify the “doing” style of spirituality, and begin the transformative “being” path of formation.

sacred silence: One German proverb notes that: “Silence is a fence around wisdom.” Noise and busyness seem to have become the “norm” for our culture. However, our over-saturated minds need space and quietness in order to hear the voice of God. Noise keeps us from dealing with our thoughts and emotions, and therefore we live a pseudo task oriented religious life separated from the presence and voice of God. Sacred Silence teaches us  to bring every thought to Christ through it’s practice.. Silence creates the venue for us to hear God speak, and to hear our soul speak.

sacred hours: God has built us with an inner rhythm that longs to find it’s syncopation in Him. As forgetful people, Sacred Hours help us to establish a God-rhythm in our life reminding us whose we are. Also called the daily office, we will enter into the practice of drawing together as a community to worship as the bells sound six times each day, reminding us of our life with God and each other.

sacred words: God’s Word to us is a spiritual feast. Soren Kierkegaard said: “When you read God’s Word, you must constantly be saying to yourself, “It is talking to me, and about me.” Modern Christianity does not know how to feast on God’s Word. A flurry of quick devotions, or a method of dissecting God’s voice has produced a church buffeted with information, but lacking the power of transformation. We will learning to absorb, chew, and meditate on God’s Word… it needs too be consumed.

sacred sounds: Music, tone and sound are a intregal part of the world’s major religions. Sound moves us to worship and worship is what we were created to do! C.S. Lewis said: “The most valuable thing the Psalms do for me is to express the same delight in God which made David dance.” As we learn and discover the way God uniquely wired us to best worship Him, we find the boring one-dimensional thrust of worship transformed into a multifaceted mosaic of beauty. There is more than one way to worship God, Sacred Sound is your path to His presence.

sacred wounds: Life in Earth School can be hard and full of hurts. How we handle, or don’t handle, the circumstances of life plays a key role in our relationship with God. Every hurt has the opportunity to become a nasty infection, a gaping wound that never heals, or to become a Sacred Wound. A Sacred Wound is a wound that God is healing and that He uses to heal others as well. Here, we learn to become authentic men and women entering into the trust and rhythm of community where wounds can be healed and become sacred.

sacred moments: The present moment is truly the only moment we have. For many people though, there emotional energy is spent on the events of the past or the fear of the future. The most powerful gift you have to give someone is the gift of your connection in the present. Sacred Moments helps us to see and be thankful for the present, giving ourselves fully to experience all that God has brought to us. Sacred Moments helps us to see disappointments and discouragements differently. God’s gift of Zoe (life) is available for every area of who you are, body-soul-spirit. As the final movement of Sacred Space, we learn how to take the monastery with us into each of our moments, allowing the very reall indwelling Christ to fill our lives with Joy in all things.


Sacred Space Level 2

Level 2 participants work one on one with a spiritual director. One intake session is scheduled before the retreat where you and your spiritual director can determine what areas you would like to work on. A custom spiritual growth plan will be created, and you will have one scheduled check-in with your spiritual director during retreat .

As level 2 moves you towards self direction, you will not participate in the level 1  group sessions  unless you and your director decide that would be best. There will be a general gathering for all level 2 participants at the beginning of the retreat for an overview as well as at the end.

You can also customize a level 3 experience with your spiritual director for 8 day retreats, or something unique to your goals. The cost of a customized plan will be dependent upon the overall scope, and therefore will be different than the Sacred Space standard pricing.


The Sacred Space Team

monty sepia 
Monty C. Wright Director of Sacred Space 
office: 425 441-8364 

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Tanya Lee Hodel Spiritual Director/Leader 
office: 425 441-8364
Mary Leonard Administration
office: 425 441-8364
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