Welcome to re:morph

Whether you are signed up for a Sacred Space adventure, or looking for resources to deepen your faith journey, re:morph is here to help you in the ancient rhythms of spiritual formation. Perhaps one of the least practiced and least understood aspects of Christianity is the formation of our souls before God. We throw up some prayers when we are in need, try to read the Bible, go to church, or show up for a small group, but inside we know that we need to re-morph into the person God created us to be! So if you are ready for more spiritual formation practices that will deepen your faith and engage all your faculties you have come to the right place!

I have found that many people are not satisfied with the depth of spirituality found in most churches today. It seems that American Christianity has devolved into showing up on 2 out of four Sundays for a 20 minute pump up speech, putting some money in the offering, and maybe help out in some way. This does not remotely resemble the dynamic, untamed, and intensely real life with God Jesus offers us. If we would dare to dream of a life that is passionately alive, spiritually rich, and unafraid to listen and follow Christ, we would begin to experience the reason we were created in the first place!

Let’s dream, pray, play, and passionately pursue a life that defies the odds.



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